Launching a new kind of smoothie

‘Unbelievably Smooth’ is the campaign idea to launch YAZOO’s new yogurt smoothies. To drive permissability with mums whilst attracting families more broadly, TV, radio, digital
and social channels have been deployed to showcase the product ingredients of yogurt,
fruit and oats in a universally fun and imaginative way. Tracking results show key
measures have both exceeded targets and category benchmarks

Launching an ‘Unbelievably Smooth’ website

To support the launch of YAZOO’s new yogurt smoothies, Founded created the ‘Unbelievably Smooth’ website with an innovative horizontal parallax experience to showcase the full range of YAZOO products and the new brand world.

Taking YAZOO out for a social

With an expanding product portfolio and a heightened marketing effort, YAZOO challenged us to create a social strategy with the mass-appeal to attract and engage their audiences with the brand. Per brief, we are creating and curating multiple strategically-compliant content streams, designed to promote both their brand and their products, across all audience-centric channels.