Getting 9m Londoners moving

Our new work for Zipcar celebrates the vast array of uses Londoners find for the world’s largest car club network – for work and play.  The integrated campaign runs across outdoor, digital, social media and features disruptive experiential and content tactics centering on the ‘car club’ bays the Zipcars and Zipvans inhabit.


Building a stronger business case for Zipcar

The Zipcar Calculator was an idea conceived to help London businesses
understand the financial and business benefits of using Zipcars versus other modes of transport i.e. pool cars, taxis and London transport. The tool explained all the benefits of using Zipcar and allowed
the user to build a business case for signing up and using Zipcar.

Experience the calculator here

Bringing London closer to Zipcar

Hyper local was our strategic approach to helping Zipcar tell London Businesses just how close and convenient Zipcars are for their offices. We created personalised campaigns to show businesses where their nearest Zipcars were and how much they cost to use. We also ran an OOH campaign too – showing people that there were lots of Zipcars parked within 500m of each poster site. By running the two activities simultaneously, we moved hundreds of people to join the car club.