Changing the conversation in IT security

‘It Only Takes 1’ is the idea that has taken Proofpoint out of the mass security market and
de-positioned competitors.

With the industry focused on preventing 99.99999% of security threats, we built a creative platform around Proofpoint’s USP and the most dangerous threat of all – the one malicious email, the one spear-phishing attack or the one instance of social engineering that can bring a business to its knees.

We’ve executed brand and demand activities and after two years of working together have generated in excess of $35m of qualified pipeline.


Helping IT leaders keep pace with the hackers

Threat Insight was conceived to position Proofpoint as a thought leader in the cyber-security industry. Through current articles, industry news and Proofpoint’s own expertise, we educated those professionals who don’t know a spear phish from a watering hole. The result? Proofpoint becoming a trusted partner in the competitive IT security sector.