Founded Blog, Founded Thinking | May 25, 2018

When it’s worth doing right

By Becky Bigwood, Client Director


Staysure, the UK’s No. 1 brand for over 50’s travel insurance appointed Founded to help them reposition their brand, in order to strengthen their leadership position and to help deepen trust in the brand, following research that showed a big trust gap in the insurance category.

Our new integrated campaign has just launched, across TV, web, print, direct mail and social, underpinned by the new founding idea for the brand, ‘Worth doing right’. This idea reflects what is unique about Staysure, the company’s commitment to tailor making their policies around each of their customers’ unique medical conditions, so they can fully feel confident that they’re covered.

The TV ad, shot in Rome, features actor Robert Cavanah having a beautiful bespoke suit made for him by an expert team of tailors.  It captures the skill and attention that goes into creating a one-of-a-kind design, as a metaphor for how Staysure design their policies.

As part of this project, we were able to draw upon our proprietary research into how today’s 50 and 60 somethings are rapidly rewriting the rules of ageing.

Fundamental to our research is the finding that marketers need to banish any preconceived notions of ‘old’ when communicating with this audience. Instead, we need to engage with them in terms of how they view themselves, more as extended middle-agers who are plugged into life and who have aspirations that would previously have been more associated with younger generations.

Too often, we find that advertising aimed at this audience depicts them as ‘cardboard cutout’ characters living superficial lives, instead of really interesting people, leading rich and fulfilled lives.

This campaign aims to better reflect the ‘new 50 something’ with the casting of Robert Cavanah in the role of a Staysure advocate. He epitomises the sophisticated, worldly and young at heart spirit that the brand’s customers want to align with.

Check out the new TV ad here: