Founded Blog, Founded Thinking | April 12, 2018

Creating a Culture of Momentum

By Oli Bealby, Client Director

Having lived in San Francisco for a nearly 2 years now, I’ve had time to reflect and absorb what makes a client and agency relationship work.

CMOs in Silicon Valley are after one thing – results, and fast.

Venture capital allows companies to scale at a staggering pace.

Hiring happens at light speed.

Products are developed to suit a market fit that can change in a heartbeat.

Competitors appear out of thin air.

You have to let the market know you mean business and make an impact.

Every day counts.

There is no doubt that effective marketing and branding is critical to cement belief, generate growth and retain existing business.

But it has to happen fast.

So how do you get there?

From a client and agency perspective, the clients that win are those that are dynamic, informal, candid, decisive, collaborative and fun.

They get as far as they can to build consensus with their own teams, then plug in an agency to turbo charge the process.

Partnership is key. And when you have that, you can build momentum.

It’s intensive, and requires pulses of concentrated commitment from all key stakeholders from both sides, rather than a steady stream that lacks drive and focus.

When it’s done correctly, you’ll see how your team is magnetically attracted towards unified consensus.

Think snowball, not cannonball.

What should you do differently?

  • No more conversation silos. Strategic and creative leads should be connected directly to the client decision maker.
  • Communication channels should be informal and direct. The best ideas come when you’re walking to work or grabbing lunch, so allow for quick open channels like texting.
  • Try to work within a fixed time period (a 4-6 week burst) – this keeps everyone engaged and focused.
  • Every meeting should have a very clear goal – and it doesn’t end until it’s reached.
  • Don’t invite too many opinions. You’ll turn a pointy idea into something flat.
  • Do your bit to grease the wheels on getting buy in. Line up check-ins with a few key stakeholders and explain “this is what we’re doing” vs. “what do you think?”
  • Trust your agency on their creative and communication expertise. If you’ve picked them well, they should know what they’re doing!
  • When you’ve decided on your campaign, you have to love it and move quickly. Share widely with your organization and be proud and get it live before it becomes wallpaper.
  • Make sure you celebrate the wins along the way!

We’re doing this right now for many clients, most recently for Skuid. They’re a very exciting B2B tech company. The culture is awesome, and they have an appetite for great work.

You can take a look at our campaign concept which is now live on their website –

The results are great work, great results and good times. Isn’t that why we get out of bed in the first place?