Founded Blog, Founded Culture, Founded Thinking | February 26, 2018

We are no longer integrated. Because we can’t integrate.

By Ant Lillingston, Planning, Founded CA

I’m calling it. The traditional “Integrated Agency” model is broken.

“Integrated” used to mean channel agnostic. Deliver a consistent message across paid, earned and owned media. But today, there’s a whole other consideration, which somehow the agency world is neglecting – technology.

“Isn’t that the role of the media agency? A technology consultant? Or maybe a dedicated in-house hire? … surely anyone but us…”

No. It’s your agency’s responsibility.

They are the ones who understand your business, the ones who hold the creative keys to your brand and the ones who have the access to a vast network of skilled marketers & technologists.

But the MarTech field is vast and complex. Not to mention tired from blindly focusing on performance… sometimes at the cost of all else. But complexity isn’t an excuse for letting blatant opportunities sail by.

The power of these technologies is undeniable. The right platform can help you build and deploy campaigns faster, machine learning can help you understand your audience in ways you might not have thought possible, and AI help you reach new audiences at the fraction of the cost of traditional processes.

Never has this been as important as it is now, especially in B2B. Simple changes to the way brands utilise tech puts them eons ahead of their competition.

Today, the quickest win is Account Based Marketing (ABM) – if you’re a B2B brand and your agency hasn’t defined your ABM roadmap then… well, see point 1 above.

I’m lucky enough to work somewhere where the importance of technology is recognised and invested in. There’s a shared belief in its ability to amplify a powerful brand message and a proven track record in driving staggering jumps in clearly attributed bottom-line impact.

Strategy. Creativity. Technology. This is the new Integrated. I genuinely believe there’s no other way.

Don’t get me wrong, getting the message right is vitally important, and a heartland for a Planner, but ask yourself, is your agency doing enough to keep you ahead?