Founded Blog, Founded Thinking | June 25, 2018

The battle between creativity and technology

By Ellie Bissett, Account Manager

This month I had the pleasure of attending the Createch 2018 conference. The event brings together established global leaders from a variety of economic sectors who shared their creative vision for the next 20 years. This blog gives a summary of some of the most interesting conversations and debates that took place…

Createch 2018 | Founded
Createch 2018 | Founded


The interaction of creativity and technology is shaping new businesses and disrupting current ones. Createch is a term that’s emerged from the collisions of creative excellence, technology, market opportunity and innovations – it’s about humanising digital and delivering superior results. Early examples have focused on immersive technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

During the Createch conference 2018, a hot topic was ‘how creativity can win in a technology-driven world’. Whilst your first thoughts might be that these two things go hand in hand, it’s been found that getting the technology-creativity balance right is tricky – in fact, reports have found that 51% of UK and US marketers feel they spend too much time analysing data, taking away time from the creative aspects of their job. We are measuring everything we do just because technology is allowing us to, when actually it should be freeing up more space for us to deliver great creative.

W&K’s Iain Tait explained that “the nature of what it means to be a creative has fundamentally shifted”, and the rise in technology has a big part to play in this. Ad agencies used to be the place where you would find the most creative and innovative people out there, but in the modern world, people from all ages and backgrounds can develop the most creative and advanced tech without even leaving their bedrooms! This means that today’s audiences judge creativity both as creators and as an audience.

What was interesting about this discussion is that there was no right or wrong answer, and everyone had a different opinion. We found that in some instances technology might actually limit us, if we get too bogged down in the data behind it, to the point that we lose sight of the bigger picture. In other cases, technologies such as Virtual Reality have led us to be more creative than we could have possibly imagined. Every brief and every new campaign has to be approached differently to get the most out of both creativity and technology, and to make the two work together.

At Founded we see technology as a suite of creative tools. We apply them if they are relevant, but always in service of the Founding Idea. Ideas that have the power to move people at a fundamental human level, whether emotionally, attitudinally or behaviourally, will always assume dominance, no matter what executional possibilities technology throws our way.